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As Harley Owners Group is the Official Riding Club of Harley-Davidson, the Motor Company is investing in the future of H.O.G. The philosophy has not changed, we ride, we have fun and we are damn good at it. Together we continue the strong relationship between H-D Dealers, H-D Owners, H.O.G. chapters, rally teams and the Motor Company. As strong of a relationship today and continue building into the future.

I am certain you have followed the evolution of H.O.G. rallies in past issues this year.  Evolution isn’t just in this area.  How members and chapters stay connected via is evolving.  A new H.O.G. program system is being introduced on Have you been out and logged into lately?  Have you noticed the new look?  If you have been there, then read on so you can share this information with your chapter membership. If you have seen the new look, continue to read on.  Make sure to share this information with your chapter membership as handling your chapter or membership business online just got easier.

The new system includes new digital functionality for each H.O.G. member.  This includes the ability for all global users to view their Mileage Program submissions or register into the program. Dealers will have the ability to enter member’s mileage program miles digitally. Sorry no more printing the form, filling it out, now just go to your dealership and get it handled! All global members will be able to register for a H.O.G. Rallies or H.O.G. Officer Training through How about that!

Effectively performing chapter business tasks such as; Verifying National memberships, adding or removing members from the chapter or view chapter information is going to be simpler.  Sounds pretty good doesn’t it.

We aren’t done either. Finding H.O.G. Events around the world will become easier. No more copy and paste, no more searching the internet, all can be found on one page. You can access every H.O.G. rally, Pin Stop or other H.O.G. events from one page. Yes that’s right go to the individual rally and onto the event website with one click. And another click lets you register for the rally or rallies of your choice. Please note that rally information is always being updated; visit often so you will be in the know what is going on in the H.O.G. World and where the ride takes you next.

There will be online training available soon to assist you with these new technology upgrades, so stay tuned to

A lot is happening in H.O.G. that will look different, but remember our philosophy of Riding, Having Fun and enjoying the ride together will never change.

Time to ride, see ya on the road!

JT | Harley-Davidson

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