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Hello, fellow H-D Motorcycle enthusiasts! 

I hope your riding season is in full swing. I know the weather is still a little bipolar. Maybe soon it will get consistently conducive to great riding for all of us, but until then, we make lemonade out of the lemons I guess. We just had the May dinner ride last night to Canyon River Grill. There were 14 bikes (1cage) and 18 people. The ride there wasn’t bad. Just a little sprinkling of rain. As we were eating a very delicious meal, it began to rain. Hard. We hoped it would let up by the time we finished, but no. We got to ride home in the dark through driving rain. Fun times!

This month our Chapter meeting on the 11th will NOT be a meeting. We will meet at nine like normal but we will be leaving shortly thereafter to an undisclosed location so come prepared to ride. If you don’t want to ride you can just come for the free donuts and coffee and then hang out at the dealership after we all leave. For those planning on joining the mystery ride, plan on being gone 4-5 hours. We promise you will enjoy yourselves!

On the 18th we will take a ride from Mabton over Alderdale Road to the Columbia River then up Highway 14 to Roosevelt Grade that leads to Bickleton on the way back home. There are some nice twisties, beautiful views, and a whole lot of wind turbines on the route.

Our dinner ride is on MONDAY, the 27th to one of my family’s favorite restaurants, Trout Lodge. We’ve been going there for at least 25 years. Their food is delicious. You should try the Blackberry Cobbler! They are a small, family-run business and the owner has asked me if he could prepare a simplified menu for us with a handful of choices so he can be better prepared to serve us in a timely manner.

There have been 156 dam photos submitted so far for HOG Dam! Some crazy guy is in the lead with 34, Malcolm has 22, Jimmy Benge has 17 and Herman Weber has 15. Since we have a few new members now, let me explain that HOG Dam! is a Chapter photo challenge for the year. For a $10 buy-in, you can go to any dam, anywhere, and take a picture of your bike next to some identifying feature, usually a sign that says the name of the dam. If there is no sign, get creative. A picture of the dam with a screenshot of your gps location works. For every different dam you visit you will get a raffle ticket at our holiday party for Apple State Gift Cards. The prize money will be the total of all of the cards sold divided into $25 increments with a $50 grand prize that will be drawn from the top 10 place finishers.

That’s it for now. I hope to see everyone tomorrow morning at 9:00 for our ride to Coulee Dam.

Frank Orlando

Activities Officer

Yakima Harley Owners Group

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