Activities Officer Update March 2023

Even though it may not look like it outside, the 2023 riding season is just around the corner. Mother Nature just has a few more surprises up her sleeve before we get there.

Since we can’t rely on the fickle old gal, I only have one ride tentatively planned for this month and that is after the Chapter meeting on the 11th. If we can get our bikes out, I’d like to head out after having a hot dog, since Apple State will be hosting Lisa Call’s Pet Rescue again for Hogs and Dogs, to Ahtanum Berry Patch for a slice of pie to celebrate Pi Day (3.14) a couple of days early. Kickstands up at 11 if applicable.

We will have another dinner/social on the 25th. Attendance was great for the ones we did in January and February. This one will be at 5:00 at The Pub of Yakima at Glenwood Square, 5110 Tieton Drive. I hope that those of you that have been at the other two dinners have taken the opportunity to get to know someone you might not have known much before. I would really like to see us all know each other by name and be a closer group of friends, rather than just people who ride together occasionally. New members, this is a good time for you to come and let the rest of us know a little bit about yourself in a relaxed setting. As always, please let me know if you plan on coming.

I mentioned the Hogs and Dogs at the dealership but they are also planning on what sounds like a pretty cool Harley Davidson sponsored event on the 25th as well. It is Harley’s National Spring Season Opener Event. LeAnn says that there will be swag and prizes from the motor company for attendees. She will be asking for a few volunteers to cook some hot dogs and burgers for the event at our Chapter meeting. That day is the kick-off of their Tent sale too. It will go on for two weekends through April 1.

March 1 is the starting day for HOG Wild. We aren’t printing cards this year but we are still collecting the $10 buy-in for it so we can have prize money at the end of the year. The concept is the same as HOG Dam! last year only with State and National Parks. Any State. Any Nation. Take a picture of your bike next to the sign that identifies the park and text or email it to me and each photo enters you into the drawing for the prize monies. Last year we had well over 400 submissions. Let’s see if we can outdo that. Go HOG Wild!

Frank Orlando

Activities Officer

Yakima Harley Owners Group

509-949-7388 –

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